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Big Buck Down

This year we had more antelope tags than we've ever had, 13 total! And yes, we filled them all. It seems like the common opinion is that antelope meat is only good for turning that meat into jerky, but we haven't found that to be the case. In fact, a friend of ours who took the majority of our meat this year thinks just the opposite, their family's favorite meat is antelope. Needless to say, our freezers are packed!

hunting antelope in Wyoming, iwenthunting  i went hunting crazy horned antelope buck, iwenthunting

                        With my grandson, enjoying the outing                                 Dallas passed on this crazy horned buck 

Once again we were able to enjoy several action packed family outings in the high plains of Wyoming in pursuit of speed goats. We had a chance to look over quite a few antelope bucks, it was too bad that we didn't have additional buck tags for this particular area because we saw some unique bucks and found that a huge buck was lurking within a half mile of where we tagged out.

antelope hunting in Wyoming
                                            One and only shot...tag was filled


All in all we had an absolute blast! We saw Natalie bag her first big game animal with a one shot heart shot at 218 yards, Dallas drilled him a big old long horned buck and Carson and I each got our antelope too. Lots of memories made, can't wait until my grandson gets him an antelope tag! 

i went hunting antelope, big buck
                                                    Very respectable buck antelope, .270 did its job