Filling the Freezer

This year we drew our first antlerless deer tags here in Utah and also had one antlerless elk tag, so we had high hopes of filling our (and some friends’) freezer. While connecting on a cow elk was actually quite difficult, the antlerless deer turned out to be relatively easy.

hunting antlerless deer i went hunting i went hunting antlerless deer  hunting antlerless deer, doe mule deer

                              Got my deer                                         Woodie broke out of kennel...surprised us on the mountain

A few places within the state have an overabundance of deer, so farmers are happy to have folks come and remove the excess animals. And since our deer hunting area was comprised of both farm fields and public land, we chose to forgo obtaining permission and set up on public land. It didn’t take long to discover the deer’s well-rehearsed routine where they transitioned from public to private ground. As evening approached the deer popped out of the cedar trees like clockwork, we each took a mature doe.

while elk hunting, several mallard ducks  elk hunting, jump shooting ducks

                Next morning got several mallards                                   A couple more ducks the next weekend

Next we focused our efforts on elk. It look us a couple of weekends, but we finally found elk. Glassing the distant mountain slopes we spotted a lone elk feeding out of the timber about a mile away. It wasn’t until we got closer that we could see it was a mature bull. Anticipating that cows might be nearby, we continued our pursuit. We closed the distance to 150 yards but still the only elk in sight was the lone feeding 6x6 bull. Somewhat dejected we almost turned back but our instincts told us to hang tight. Minutes later we were quite surprised to see several cows feeding up and out of a small ravine that was marginally obscured from view 100 yards ahead, unbelievable. Dallas did not hesitate as he quickly steadied the .340 Weatherby onto his shooting sticks and delivered a knockout punch!

cow elk, filling the freezer
                                                    Huge cow elk