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First Buck (Never Say Never)!

Bow hunting isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw away my chances of getting my first deer with a bow!  Deer hunting in a tree stand my very first deer hunt wasn’t very easy since I sat in a tree stand for a whole twelve hours.  First morning there was a four point forty yards away, I was shaking like a leaf and my mind was racing. Can I shoot him? Wait what am I thinking, my bow is still on the hook (rookie mistake). Suddenly there was a two point seventeen yards in front of me. Ok let’s shoot him. As I was trying to slowly stand up, a spike had followed the two point in and that spike was staring at me so hard. I think that deer saw straight through me! I couldn’t move a muscle. Then something spooked the deer and they took off. 

i went hunting deer, iwenthunting
                                                                        Big camp fire before the hunt


Later that evening we heard some elk about eighty yards away from us. I got all anxious to shoot an elk because they are so big! As we listened to the sound of the elk herd trample, it slowly started to fade and they were gone. That night when we were getting down and out of our tree stands I was thinking I’m never going to get a deer this season. Sunday was really hard, we didn’t even see anything. So I had to go home because I had school on Monday.   

i went hunting deer, horny toads, iwenthunting  i went hunting archery deer, iwenthunting, tree stand

                         With 3 horny toads...just something we do                                  First time spending hours in a tree stand 

The week passes, very slowly…and then the weekend comes yippee!! The next morning we woke up and back to the tree stand. But we only stayed in the tree for a couple of hours. We eventually got down and tried riding around on the four wheelers looking for deer. For the first couple of hours we saw nothing, so we decided to still hunt. We saw a tiny two point, but we never got close enough for a shot. We started back to the four wheeler, but circled deeper into the forest. Twenty five minutes later we scared three bucks that ran right past us. That made me really mad, so we were really cautious from then on. Later Greg suddenly stopped like he saw something but he was just joking around. All of a sudden a whole bunch of bucks stood up and took off like a bullet. That made me SUPER mad. So back to the four wheeler we went! I was ready to go to a new spot, so I started walking down the road. In my head I thought that somehow I might find a deer and get a shot off. What are the odds?  I walked 50 feet down the road and what did I find. Oh it was a two point CRAP!!!! It surprised me so much I forgot how far 25 yards was. So I looked into the range finder and just saw numbers, so I pulled up my bow and he took off.  

i went hunting deer, still hunting, iwenthunting  i went hunting archery deer, iwenthunting, arrow pass through

                        Still hunting through the forest                                  After several yards, arrow showed sign of lethal hit 

Off to a new place. A mile away from camp, we found a tight grove of aspens where we saw some does and I saw a spike. Chasing them up a tiny hill of sage brush and pine trees we saw a couple of new deer that we hadn’t seen. As me and Greg were looking around, there stood a two point behind one aspen that split into two. Greg pulls out his range finder, “35 yards away Carson” Greg says. As I pulled back my bow I put the top of my bubble on him and squeezed the trigger. THWACK is the sound I recall of that arrow hitting that deer. Me and Greg thought that I had hit him a little back, so we waited it out. The next morning we woke up to go find him. We had gone halfway on the blood trail, and there it was, MY Arrow!!! Then the blood trail disappeared, so me and Greg split up. 10 minutes later Greg says “hey I found some more blood”. So I came over and there was my deer. JACKPOT! The same quote I used when I found Greg’s deer on my very first time deer hunting! 

i went hunting deer, first deer, iwenthunting
                                 First-ever and only shot at a deer 35 yards away and Carson had his first buck!