The boys' first pheasant hunt turned out to be quite a bit of fun. After an hour and a half of hiking around without seeing a bird, I was doubtful we'd find a pheasant. Then as we were heading back to the truck, after making a big zigzagging loop, we hit on our first rooter!


ring-necked rooster pheasant in flight
        Luckily for us it's not the one that got away, we let this one fly


My shot could have been better, but luckily we watched exactly where the rooster landed, 50 yards away in some thick brush. With Woodie hot on the wounded pheasants trail, I had high hopes we'd retrieve the rooster. And without disappointment, Woodie emerged moments later with our pheasant which he promptly handed off to me.


GSP, german short hair pointer puppy with first pheasant
                              Nova, our little puppy, checking out our rooster


ring-necked rooster pheasant
                                     Boys with our ring-necked rooster pheasants


A couple of minutes later we happened onto another rooster...the right place at the right time. Just like that we had our limit of pheasants and we headed for hamburgers, fries and milkshakes to celebrate!