'Tis the Season


‘Tis the Season to rid the environment of a few deer killers. With some days off work for the holidays, we headed out to see if we could call in some wily coyotes. As luck would have it, we called in a coyote on our very first try this season! Unbelievably, we missed as many as we shot. We soon realized that having a shotgun handy with 00 buck for those situations where a coyote is sprinting into the call broadside at 30 yards would be a good choice. We’ll try that next time.


i went hunting coyotes  coyote hunting, big male

                 Called in this single                                     Called this one in not far from the last one


It is interesting that sometimes the coyotes come in to the call on a dead sprint, but at other times the wary coyote is unexpectedly discovered peering through the brush toward the sound of the call, leaving the hunter bewildered by its sudden presence.  Then there are times where not a single coyote is spotted during a calling sequence, but the coyote approaches from up wind, catches human scent and silently slinks away. This past weekend we experienced all three scenarios just mentioned. In fact, twice while walking back to our truck we found fresh coyote tracks in the snow right over the top of our tracks, all within a stone’s throw from our calling spot.


coyote hunting in the snow  pair of coyotes while hunting

              A pair of coyotes we called in                                       A pair of coyotes we called in


called in a red fox
               Nice red fox to round out the day


All told, we had a great time as we managed to get us a few coyotes…even called in a nice red fox! Hopefully we get out predator hunting again before the holiday season ends, but our next adventure will be Canada goose hunting in Wyoming.