Thanksgiving Day Pheasant


A little fall weather drew us out hunting again, this time for pheasants. We hadn't been pheasant hunting in years, but since the DWR had been releasing birds we thought we'd get out and give it a try. And since my middle son had never been pheasant hunting before, we were especially excited to try and put him on his first rooster.

utah pheasant hunt  utah pheasant hunt

Colton anticipating a flushing rooster            Hoping Colton gets his chance


They day was cold, well below zero when we left home and the temperature barely hit double digits for the high, but we were determined to make a go of it. Even with wool gloves it was a challenge to hold the gun for short periods of time in the frigid air.

utah pheasant hunt, rooster pheasant
          Rooster holding tight


Within minutes of leaving the truck we spotted a cottontail rabbit, Colton was all about it. A single shot from his 20 gauge and he had his first bunny of the day. We continued to trudge across fields excitedly since pheasant tracks were visible in the snow everywhere we walked. Finally it happened, our first pheasant of the day. The brightly colored rooster dashed across an opening in front of us and into a clump of brush. Colton readied himself and approached. 3 shots later Colton had bagged his first rooster!


utah pheasant hunt, rooster flushing  i went hunting pheasants, flying pheasant

               Flushing a rooster                                He's getting away...


pheasant hunting  pheasant hunting, rooster down

                Lining up the shot...                                          Got 'em


Only 2 hours into the hunt and it was time to head home for a big turkey dinner, it was Thanksgiving Day after all. It wasn't even noon and Colton had a rooster and two rabbits to his credit, while Dallas and I got roosters of our own!


i went hunting rabbits, pheasants
                                              Nice Thanksgiving Day hunt