Wyoming Buck


Knowing a huge storm had just hit Wyoming and knowing I was headed for possible road closures ahead, I had a big smile on my face as I headed east along I-80. It is hard to describe in words the feeling I get when going hunting, but I definitely felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach, all in anticipation of the days ahead.


wyoming deer hunt, blown over semi truck  blown over semi-truck

   One of several blown over semi-trucks            The weather was treacherous the day before


As it turned out two issues totally affected my hunt, that being the limited access to areas due to the large amount of fallen snow and the limited access to public land because of “private road” only access.


snow drifts on wyoming deer hunt
               30+ inches of snow where I was headed


wyoming deer hunt, lots of snow
                                Lots of snow piled high


Even though I know the laws of Wyoming do not permit access to public ground via a private road, I figured the major roads and routes on my maps just might be accessible...I figured wrong.


wyoming deer hunt, herd of mule deer bucks
           Wind swept ridge with a few bucks on private property


The 704 miles one-way to my destination was just too far to scout before the hunt. In fact, some might say it is too far to go hunting for a deer on public land period...I might have to agree.


i went hunting deer, wyoming mule deer buck
           Not the whitetail I had hoped for, but a buck at least


All in all, the trip was memorable and fun! I saw lots of antelope, turkeys, a few geese, massive amounts of drifted snow, one lowly coyote and even rescued a fawn deer that was caught in a fence. And last but not least, I got my buck! Even though it wasn't the biggest buck in Wyoming, I was tickled on account of the limited amount of public ground I found accessible. Now off again, this time down I-80 for antelope and hopefully a few ducks!