Back to Wyoming for Canadas

Like I’ve said before, if you are looking for a guided Canada goose hunt out west, then you need to take a look at Lewis Outdoor Adventures. We again booked a 2 day hunt with Casey and we were fortunate enough to limit out both days.

Layout blinds near river canada goose hunt
                                               We setup down in bottoms near river on 2nd day


The weather for early January wasn’t as cold as we’ve experienced in years past, but that is because we luckily just missed the artic cold snap that hit this region of Wyoming. Only 4 days before we arrived, the high temperature for the day was 0 degrees Fahrenheit and the low was a bone chilling -17 degrees below 0.

canada geese decoying into spread
                                                          Bunch of geese decoying into our spread


The positive side of the cold snap was that the birds were in a pattern where they flew relatively late in the morning so we were able to sleep in a bit longer than normal. We didn’t even start setting decoys until first light and had finished before the first geese flew, somewhat unusual.

i went hunting first Canada goose retriever with mallard duck

                                 First ever solo goose                                               One of our retrievers with mallard duck 


Once the first honks from the geese echoed through the crisp morning skies, we hopped into our layout blinds and waited. It wasn’t long before we were all blasting away. The honkers were numerous and they worked our spread perfectly. When we finished up for the day, it was still well before noon. All that was left for us to do before heading back to the hotel was to clean a bunch of birds, awesome!

Limits of Canada geese
                                                                          Day 1 with our limits of geese


As far as the guides were concerned, their day was not even half over so they wasted no time hitting the road, scouting for just the right field to hunt the next day. When our phone rang later that evening, it was Curt, he told us he had found a field that held quite a few geese and that he had seen a bunch of ducks flying in the area as well. Even though we’d have an extra 20 minute drive in the morning, we couldn’t have been more excited for the opportunity.

Canada geese feet down Canada geese final approach

                                 Feet down                                                                          Final approach 


The next day turned out to be even better than the day before. Not only did we have our limits of geese before noon, we had managed to bag a good number of ducks too! We were very tempted to stay longer to continue shooting ducks, but we had about an 8 hour drive home so we called it a day.

Canada goose hunt feet down locked Canada geese locked take em

                                   On the deck...locked!                                                                        Take 'em... 


What a way to start off the new year, both Natailie and Carson soloed and bagged their first ever Canada geese!  As friends and family we experienced an awesome hunting trip and to top it off, our coolers were plumb full of fresh meat!  Now we wait…the 2018/2019 hunting season can’t come soon enough. 

Limits of Canada geese and greenhead mallards
                                                       Limits of Canada geese and a bunch of greenheads